A Complete Illustrated Guide to Cooking with Arthritis

Is cooking your passion or, at the very least, a necessity?

Come along on a culinary journey around the world with Melinda Winner in her second cookbook, A Complete Illustrated Guide to Cooking with Arthritis, which will bring the millions of individuals back into the kitchen fearless.  As an individual herself, Melinda shares techniques for creating mouthwatering recipes for everything from appetisers to desserts, as well as delicious rubs, sauces, and jellies.

An Illustrated Guide to Cooking with Arthritis is packed full of delectable, original recipes sure to delight any palate and is a must-have for any cookbook collection.  Each easy-to-read recipe is written for use by anyone, includes an informative section of kitchen terms, culinary resources, and basic tips to help make everyday life simpler.

“If you have arthritis and love to cook, you must have this book!  Even if you don’t have arthritis, you will love the great mix of traditional and modern recipes.”

Melinda Winner has had a passion for cooking since childhood.  She has five forms of arthritis and a birth injury that left her right arm with very limited use, but Melinda still attended culinary school and now enjoys preparing food of all types from simple Southern to fine cuisine.  Melinda has won several national recipe contests, cooked off on a major television network, and published her first cookbook, Yankee Cooking with Southern Charm, in July 2008.  In her spare time, Melinda enjoys horseback riding, swimming, travelling, and hiking.  She has three grown children and five grandchildren.  Melinda enjoys life to its fullest each and every day!