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Getting diagnosed with ay form of auto immune arthritis can not only be devastating but overwhelming. I am often ask what diet can I follow to help with my arthritis. There is no spectic arthritis diet. However; there are foods that seem to help some with the imflamation accoiated with auto immune arthritis. The issue is everyone is different and how the arthritis affects each person is different.

Following a diet low in fats and sugars is a good pratice for anyone. Maintaining idel body weight keeps unessary pressure off the joints and lowers the patients risk for other serious illnesses like heart disease and diabeties. Staying away from processed foods that contain high sodiumn and preserves is important in developing healthy eating habits. A tip to keep in mind is when eating fruits and vegetables raw is best. When a vegetable is cooked it begins losing important nutrients . The longer you cook it the more nurtrients disapate. I always look for organic and try to keep it as close to the raw state as possible without risking losing the texture and flavor I am looking for in a recipe. Below fine a short list of my favorite healthy foods in 2012


Quinoa , a wonderful and versitile grain

Pomagrante seeds. They are wonderful on fish and in salads

Buleberries , perfct on whole grain cereals and in smoothies

Beans, All beans a great source of proteins. Bean recipes are endles.

Squash , I use spagetti squash in place of pasta, a low calorie treat that will surprise you in taste.


Keep on cooking real memories are made in the kitchen - Melinda Winner

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