Texas Style Brisket on a Camp Chef PG24

In a rather historical turn of things, Camp Chef launched a legendary product PG24 that revolutionised the process of barbequing. If you were to sail on a culinary journey to Texas, you would find out that barbequing there has much to do with beef – specialising in brisket. Combine the two aforementioned and you are in for a heavenly experience. With a careful blend of pepper and smoke, you can pull off a stunning Texas Style Brisket with the help of Camp Chef PG24. Here, this article would be your step-by-step guide in doing just that.


Time Required

You may be aware that beef requires pretty much a careful handling. You would have to set aside a staggering 15 hours for smoking beef. However, the preparation time for this recipe is a meagre 10 minutes.


The recipe we put into the discussion here serves 12 to 16 people. So, a weekend out with friends and family would turn out interesting with Texas style brisket.

What you would need

Like any other recipe, Texas Style Brisket demands its ingredients to be intricately selected.

Here is a bunch of things you would need:

  • Fat trimmed beef brisket; consider a huge piece of 10-12 pounds
  • ¼-1/3 cup filled with black pepper; preferably, freshly ground
  • Camp Chef Pellet Smokers
  • And, 1/3 cup filled with kosher salt
  • A Camp Chef PG24, of course

With the versatility of Camp Chef PG24, consider ingredients done at this point.


The cooking procedure

A step-by-step guide to stick around during the cooking process:

  • Beef has to be dealt with carefully. You should keep your beef brisket ready before time. Consider visiting the butcher store by yourself and especially choose out a wholesome brisket and get it fat trimmed.
  • An hour ahead of time, season the beef brisket. Blend pepper and salt in a bowl and rub it all over the beef brisket. Having done that, allow the beef brisket to sit for an hour, at room temperature.
  • Camp Chef PG24 has to be preheated before cooking to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Though it comes preinstalled with a LED temperature indicator, it is highly recommended that you use an independent thermometer to doubly ensure a proper reading of temperature.
  • With fat side facing upwards, place the beef brisket on the grill while maintaining the temperature.
  • Go on to smoke your beef brisket. It is recommended to keep a check on the cooking process and flipping it over almost every 3 hours to ensure that all sides get evenly worked upon by heat.
  • Cook until the beef brisket appears tender but bear in mind that it has not to fall apart. An inserted thermometer reading at 205-210 degrees would make a fair deal. At this point, your meat would have spent 13-14 on the grill.
  • Having gone through all of the above, place the brisket onto a chopping board, simultaneously allowing it to rest for about 30 minutes. Slice as you would like it.
  • Beef brisket is best served with a potato salad.

It’s ready now. Well, not really until you get up and light up your smoker.

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